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Course will prepare the student for higher-level shooting drills and an even better understanding of the mental mindset during a violent encounter.

Course will provide students with progressive instruction in pistol-fighting that will test the student’s abilities and skills. 

The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOH) Course will push the student and prepare them for a violent encounter while out in the real world.  Lots of shooting and practicing of positions and stances!

This course teaches the basic Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude neccessary to owning and operating a pistol safely and responsibly.

Pistol Courses


We offer a variety of pistol courses that range in difficulty to meet the needs of a first-timer, a seasoned shooter, and everyone in between.  Below are the pistol courses we currently offer and we add new stuff from time to time.  Check out the links below to see more info on each course.

The NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home (PPIH) Course will develop the students mind to pay close attention to details at home.  This course is great for preparing the mind for a home-invasion and how to prevent it.

Force on Force is the BEST way to test one's skills in a pistol-fighting atmosphere.  You will be immersed into realworld scenarios and must defend yourself.  Suit up and rock on! 

This course is designed with the kids in mind!  The purpose of this course is to educate younger children about the importance of safety and rules of gun handling.

Course will prepare students to carry a concealed pistol and qualify them for the MS Dept. of Public Safety Enhanced Permit Endorsement. 

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