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MS DPS Enhanced Permit


The Enhanced Permit course was developed here at Focused Fire Training
to meet the requirements of the MS Dept of Public Safety for obtaining the Enhanced CCW Permit**.  The main goals of this course are to get the student prepared to legally carry a concealed firearm into MANY more places than a regular permit holder and get their minds prepared for the responsibility that comes with it.


**Upon completion of the course the student will receive a certificate
   that will be given to the DPS to obtain the "IC" sticker on their CCW.


Topics We Will Cover During the Course :
   - Rules for Safe Gun Handling

   - Pistol Parts and Operation

   - Shooting Fundamentals

   - Mindset for Personal Defense

   - Implementing Pistol from Concealment

   - Aftermath of Lethal Force

   - Continued Opportunities for Skill Development


Student Will Receive :

   - FFT Student Packet

   - MSDPS Certificate of Completion

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