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Youth Firearm Education


This course is designed with kids in mind!  The purpose of this course is to educate younger children about the importance of safety and rules of gun handling.  We believe that, with the prevalance of firearms today, every child should be knowledgeable of firearms and know what to do if they come across one.


Topics We Will Cover During the Course :

   - 3 Golden Rules of Firearm Safety
   - What to Do If You Come Across a Firearm
   - How to Avoid Danger
   - Learning Opportunities


Hands-On Activities :
    - Nomenclature of a Firearm
    - Handling a “Dummy Gun” (solid plastic replica)
    - Hypothetical Scenarios


Student Will Receive :
    - FFT Student Packet
    - A Fun-Filled Day of Learning
    - Certificate of Completion to Proudly Display

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