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Intermediate Pistol


The Intermediate Pistol Course is designed to prepare the student for higher-level shooting drills and an even better understanding of the mental mindset during a violent encounter.   The course will provide some book-knowledge during the classroom portion and LOTS of hands-on training during the range exercises.  The entirety of this course will be about the implementation a pistol in a stressful environment.


Topics We Will Cover During the Course :

   - Rules for Safe Gun Handling

   - Shooting Fundamentals

   - Shooting from Two-Handed Standing, Sitting, Kneeling,
          and Squatting, Prone, and Injured.

   - Shooting One-Handed, Strong and Support

   - Utilizing Cover and Concealment

   - Implementing Pistol from Holster, Strong and Support

   - Shooting in Low-Light (when most attacks occur)


Student Will Receive :

   - FFT Student Packet

   - Certificate of Completion

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